PTO By-laws





The name of this organization shall be the Heritage High School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  This is an independent organization of parents and guardians of current Heritage High School students; teachers; and staff.


The objective of the Heritage High School PTO shall be:

  1. To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and community.
  2. To promote a closer relationship between the home and the school, that parents and teachers may work cooperatively in educating the child.
  3. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in school spirit and in physical, mental and social education.
  4. To provide volunteer services.


Section 1. The objectives of this organization shall be accomplished through educational conferences, committees, and projects.

Section 2. This organization shall be non-commercial, non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan.

Section 3. This organization shall seek neither to direct the administrative activities of the school nor to control its policies but may make recommendations concerning school policies.


Section 1. All parents, guardians, teachers, and staff of Heritage High School shall be members of this organization.

Section 2. All members are welcome to attend and share issues of concern at the monthly PTO meetings.

Section 3. Funds to cover PTO expenses shall be raised through donations and fund raising projects.


 Section 1. The Executive Board (“Board”) shall consist of the President, Executive Official Vice President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, the VIPS Coordinators, and Heritage Accountability Committee Liaison/s and may include the immediate Past President.  The President shall call meeting of the Board as deemed necessary.

 Section 2. Officers and responsibilities:

President– The President shall preside at all PTO and Board meetings. As presiding officer, the President:

  1. Prepares and reviews an agenda with the principal prior to monthly meetings. Agenda shall be submitted for distribution to Board and Committee Chairs, as well as for posting to the website, as an attachment to the minutes of the previous month.
  2. Calls the meeting to order.
  3. Receives reports from the Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Coordinators.
  4. Creates and disbands committees and appoints all Committee Coordinators.
  5. Calls for a work plan by each coordinator and a report of progress at specified meetings.
  6. Attends the District PTO Presidents Council or sends a representative.
  7. Manages ongoing communication with the school and the community.
  8. Acquaints his/her replacement with the organization and sees that all departing officers pass on the records of their office to their successors.

 President Elect-The President Elect shall become President the following year. The President Elect:

  1. Performs the duties of the President in her/his absence.
  2. Acts as Parliamentarian to ensure that these by-laws are on hand for reference at all meetings.
  3. Assists the President as needed.
  4. Secretary- The Secretary shall be responsible for records. The Secretary:
  1. Keeps accurate minutes of all Board and PTO meetings and presents them at the next meeting.
  2. Prepares a copy of the minutes of each Board or PTO meeting for each Board member and provides those minutes one week prior to the next meeting.
  3. Maintains a permanent file of minutes of the organization. Minutes of each meeting shall also be submitted to the appropriate staff member for posting on the Heritage High School website.
  4. Writes thank-you letters to all speakers, panel members, etc. and other correspondence as required by the Board.
  5. Maintains a permanent file of correspondence.
  6. Notifies Board members of special meetings in a timely fashion.
  7. Types PTO by-laws in the event of any revision or amendments.

 Treasurer– The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies of the organization. The Treasurer:

  1. Keeps accurate records of receipts and expenditures supported by receipts or vouchers. Pays only pre-approved expenditures.
  2. Opens accounts in the name of the organization in banks approved by the Executive Board and places all funds on deposit in the name of the organizations.
  3. The signatures of the Treasurer, President, or another board member designated by the Board, shall appear on the signature card. The signature of an employee of the Littleton Public School District is not allowed to appear on the signature card within his/her employment facility.
  4. Submits a written report of receipts and disbursements to the monthly PTO meeting.
  5. The new PTO Board shall project a budget for the following school year. This budget shall be reviewed and amended at the September meeting and approved by the PTO Board at the October meeting.
  6. The PTO Board shall recommend a per member donation amount to appear on the registration and or Volunteer Interest form.
  7. The fiscal year shall be July 1 to June 30. The Treasurer shall prepare the financial records for an annual review to be made by the Littleton Public School District and a report shall be made no later than September 1 of the next fiscal year.

VIPS Coordinator/s-Responsible for coordinating any and all volunteers in the school. The VIPS Coordinators:

  1. Attends district meetings.
  2. Organizes and assists committee coordinators in setting up their committees.
  3. Solicits volunteers and keeps a log of volunteer hours to be sent to the district.
  4. Reports monthly at PTO meetings.

 Past President- Give guidance to current President, attends all PTO board meetings, and help with communication with HHS.

 Ex Officio Vice President- The Ex Officio Vice President shall be the principal of the school. The Ex Officio Vice President:

  1. Reports monthly on the state of the school and district.
  2. Votes only in the event of a tie.

Heritage Accountability Committee Liaison/s- Attends both Heritage Accountability Committee meetings and PTO meetings and shares information between the two groups.

Section 3. This organization shall have various standing positions and committees. Standing positions and committee members shall come to PTO meetings as needed to report progress. The standing positions and committees shall be the following:

  1.  LPS PTO Joint Scholarship Committee– Attends district scholarship meetings and helps distribute the monies awarded
  2. Teacher Appreciation– Responsible for recognizing teachers during teacher appreciation week and coordinating a meal for fall and spring conferences. Additional events may be scheduled as budget allows.
  3. After Prom– Responsible for organizing and overseeing the annual After Prom party.
  4. Graduation Reception – Coordinates and supervises the food and volunteers for set-up and service of the Graduation Reception.
  5. Webmaster: Maintain and update the Heritage High School PTO Website. Upload any important PTO documents on the secure Google account for safekeeping and keep the calendar current.
  6. H. Executive Booster Club Liaison– Responsible for facilitating communication between the Booster Clubs, Athletic Director and PTO.


Section 1. The Nomination Committee shall be comprised of: President-Elect, VIPS Chair, and Past President.

Section 2. At the April Board meeting, the Nomination Committee shall present the names for at least one nominee for each Board position. The nominee(s) for President-Elect shall have at least one year of HHS PTO Board or Committee experience.

Section 3. Additional nominations may be made by any member of the PTO. Such nominations, with approval by the nominee, shall be presented to the Principal and the President prior to the April meeting. It shall be the responsibility of the Principal or PTO President to dutifully announce the additional nominees to the April meeting.

Section 4. All nominees will be posted prior to the May PTO meeting. Elections will be held at the May PTO meeting.

Section 5. Each Board member elected shall hold office for a term of one year, coinciding with the PTO’s fiscal year.

Section 6. A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person selected by the PTO President with the approval of the Board. In case a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the President-Elect shall become President and the vacancy shall be in the office of the President-Elect.


Section 1. PTO meetings shall be held regularly during the school year at Heritage High School, as posted on the school website (HTTP://

Section 2. Members present may vote on all business properly before any PTO meeting, but such business can only be approved on behalf of the PTO by a vote of two thirds of all the Board members.

Section 3. The Executive Board, standing positions and committee members shall meet in accordance with open meeting policy.

Section 4. A majority (one more than half) of the PTO Board constitutes a quorum for meetings.


Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall be the authority on parliamentary procedure for the organization, except when in conflict with these by-laws.


Section 1. These by-laws will be reviewed and approved bi-annually by the Board.

Section 2. The by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the PTO Board by a majority vote. Proposed amendments shall have been presented at a previous PTO meeting and shall be submitted for posting on the PTO websites, and in “In The Know” at least two weeks prior to the vote.                                              (Last amended 05/2014)