2017 First-Gen Scholarships Winners Announced

Scholarship winners Verenice, Courtney and Valeria in the school courtyard, May 2017. (Photo credit: Brian Powers)

Congratulations to Heritage seniors Verenice, Courtney and Valeria (left to right), on winning $1,000 scholarships from the privately funded Net program for first-generation college students.

The program, run by Heritage High School Counselor Brian Powers, is a year-long class to help students find their post-high school path. The program includes tours of area colleges, help with applications and sources for financial aid.

Thanks to the Heritage community, including an annual donation from your Heritage High School PTO, the program was able to offer more scholarship money this year.

“Because of a generous year of private funding, we were able to offer three, $1,000 scholarships,” said Powers in a May letter to the parents and others who support the program.

Winner details:

> Verenice will attend University of Colorado, Denver, in the fall and plans to double major in Spanish and chemistry. She wants to go to medical school and become a pediatrician

> Courtney will attend University of Colorado, Boulder, in the fall. She plans to major in psychology and pre-medicine, and become a psychiatrist.

> Valeria, who said her mom cried when she told her she’d won the scholarship, plans to major in elementary education at University of Arizona or University of Northern Colorado.

These three winners were chosen by a committee of teachers and a PTO parent representative from a pool of qualified Net program applicants based on academic achievement, potential for success in college, work and volunteerexperience and family need, among other factors.

To learn more about the program, or to volunteer or donate funds, please contact Mr. Powers at (303) 347-7614 or  bpowers@lps.k12.co.us




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